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Rooted in Tradition

I grew up in Damascus, Syria with Syrian traditions on my mom’s side and Palestinians ones on my dad’s side. One thing that was shared by both my cultures (and all Arab cultures) is the reverence for the date- an ancient Middle Eastern fruit. This fruit was my favorite sweet snack growing up. At home, we would replace the pit of this wrinkly, resilient, and sweet fruit with a walnut. We enjoyed this perfectly balanced bite especially during Ramadan where it was traditional to break our fast with dates and walnuts. These memories sparked the creation of MAGICDATES. Dates + Walnuts are the first two ingredients we use in our satisfying bites.

Nourishing + Indulgent Nature’s Candy

You won’t find any fads or trends here, just real whole foods. We’ve taken nutrient-dense ingredients directly from nature, blended them together, and covered them in 100% dark chocolate! No more vilifying sugar. You can enjoy naturally sweet foods because nature intended it that way. I believe that it’s time to embrace our instincts and listen to our cravings.

Our body is infinitely more intelligent than we know. It craves sugar so we seek out fruits loaded with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. But you won’t know that you’re eating something that’s super good for you because our bites are so delicious and so decadent, you’ll feel like you’re keeping some kind of secret!

My wish is for our little bites to help you bridge the gap between making healthier choices and still indulging in the comfort of a sweet bite.

there are no secrets here. Just the magic of dates. I promise!

“Friendships Flourish over Good Food- Across Tables and Borders”

Food has always been a connector for me. I would help my mom in the kitchen growing up, mostly by licking the cake batter bowl or taste-testing her signature white pasta dish. I moved to LA on my own when I was 19 and became a bit of a self-proclaimed chef. I would invite friends for dinner and that became my way of building friendships and fulfilling my nostalgia for home-cooked Arabic food.

When laughter, good food, and stories are flowing, all differences dissolve and friendships flourish.

“We can't end the war, but we will shape the future.”

I’m connected to the refugee experience in an intimate way. My grandparents were Palestinian refugees in both Lebanon and Syria. This generational connection made my dad and his siblings and me and my brothers, refugees as well. That was my status until I was about 12 years old when I immigrated to Toronto with my brothers, mom, and dad. In many ways, I was blessed and didn’t experience the displacement and heartbreak that most refugees do.

That’s why MAGICDATES has been a proud partner of Karam Foundation since our early days. Karam means generosity in Arabic { كرم } and their work is nothing less. They are an incredible non-profit based in Chicago that’s committed to supporting those most impacted by the Syrian Civil War, especially the youth. Karam has boots on the ground in Jordan, the US, and Turkey where one of the world’s largest Syrian refugee camps is located.

The Journey campaign is one of Karam’s noblest initiatives with a mission to invest in 10,000 leaders in 10 years. Karam is helping young Syrians harness their ambitions and helping the world see a young refugee’s power and potential. In their words, “We can't end the war, but we will shape the future.” I draw energy and purpose from Karam’s work and will be eternally hopeful for a more just world.

A Cultural Kinship in Every Bite

Food is our business. Kinship is our intention. Through our MAGICDATES community, we offer a space that reclaims the narrative of the Middle East. By transcending the mainstream headlines, I hope our content gives you a glimpse into a rich culture steeped in wisdom, beauty, traditions, and of course, incredible food.

Welcome to our table, grab a seat, Sahtain!