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100% Dark Choco
Snack Bites
Triple Choco Crunch

8 reviews

8/3.5 oz bags

Give-in to the sugar cravings, without refined sugar

  • Triple Choco Crunch

Give yourself the freedom to take joy and pleasure in snacking on MAGICdATES — the dream indulgent snack you’ve been craving. Life’s more fun that way!

MAGICdATES has NO added sugar, stevia, or sugar alcohol (what’s with the aftertaste?!) so you can snack in peace knowing you and your body will love every ingredient in every bite.

No more missing out on the good stuff for the sake of “eating healthy”. And no more restricting and binging your favorite foods.

While eating takes a few minutes, how you feel afterwards can last for days. And you deserve to feel good and nourish your body, even when snacking.


  • Plant-Based
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Made of WHOLE ingredients
  • Paleo
  • Tastes Incredibbble

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Customer Reviews

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It’s so hard to find healthy treats made with natural ingredients and with 100% chocolate as opposed to being covered in chocolate with a tonne of sugar in it. So happy I found these, they are delicious and the perfect size for an after dinner treat.

Sonya Harris
Love these treats!

If I am going to have a non fresh snack or treat, I require ingredients that are recognizable and that are rather simple. And these met that requirement. I also require no sugar added! In my opinion, dates are naturally sweet, no more sugar is needed.
Magic dates are quite addicting. I try to limit myself to 3-4 per day. Naturally sweet, just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I typically eat them as a mid morning snack or with my breakfast. Great with my tea.
I love the product and that it is from a small business.

Christina Raicevich
Awesome Snacks

Both the Salted Walnut Brownie snack bites and the Coconut Cream Cake snack bites are amazing! Dates are so good for you and these treats make eating dates extra special! Thank you, Diana for a great product😊

Ileana Soto
Tasty mid-afternoon snacks

I enjoy muyMagic Triple Choco Bites. They are gluten-free, the chocolate is 100%, without sugar added, the walnuts and coco nibs make this a snack that will sustain me through a Zoom meeting when I haven't had time for lunch. Yum and healthy, too!

Henry Kim

Aweful tsate.

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Triple Choco Crunch">

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