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Date Rose Caramel

Date Rose Caramel Sauce

by Diana Jarrar August 30, 2022

This Date Rose Caramel Sauce is one of the easiest caramels you will ever make! 

We used Medjool dates for this recipe because not only are they the king🤴🏽or queen 👸🏽 of dates, they already have that sweet caramel taste and texture. The floral aroma of the rose water brings out the dates' fruitiness and is the perfect combination you're going make over and over again! 


-1 Cup Medjool Dates , pitted

-1 Can Full Fat Coconut Cream

-1 Tbsp Coconut Oil 

-1 Tbsp Maple Syrup 

-1/4 cup Rose Water (Optional)


1. In a large bowl, add your pitted Medjool dates. Soak with hot water for 10 minutes so that the dates soften. 

2. Once the dates soften, add them to your food process. Process until the dates are smooth. 

3. Add the coconut cream to the food process and let combine for 30 seconds. 

4. Transfer the to a medium pan on low-medium heat. 

5. Add your coconut oil, maple syrup, and rose water. Stir until combined. 

6. Transfer to a mason jar. Enjoy on a slice of toast, straight from the spoon or spread onto anything! (Fruits, crackers, dark choco, you name it!)





Diana Jarrar
Diana Jarrar


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