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Halloumi and Date Summer Salad

Halloumi and Date Summer Salad

by Diana Jarrar August 17, 2022

The perfect Summer Salad that you didn't think you needed until now! 

Fresh asparagus is a summer staple, but paired with the richness of the halloumi cheese and the sweet bites of halawy dates elevates what we call "salad" to a complete meal! 

It's a great appetizer for a party, or if you make it ahead and keep the dressing on the side, you'll RUN to your next lunch break!


-1 Bunch Fresh Asparagus 

-1 Ripe Peach 

-6 oz Halloumi Cheese

-1 Head Butter Lettuce 

-1/2 Head Radicchio 

- 10 Halawy Dates, pitted & chopped

- 1tsp Ghee (to fry the halloumi) 

-1/2 Bunch Dill

Vegan Pesto: 

-1/4 cup toasted Pine Nuts 

-1/2 Lemon juice

-2 cloves Garlic 

-1/3 cup Olive Oil 

-2 packed cups Basil 

-1-2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast 

- Salt & Pepper to taste


1. Prepare your ice bath for your asparagus by placing cold water in a bowl with 1 cup of ice and then set aside. 

2. In a large pot boil your water, cut and trim your asparagus and then blanch it in the boiled water for 1 min, making sure to not over blanch. Remove from the boiled water and place the asparagus in the ice water bath right away. Once cool, chop into 1" pieces.

3. Wash and cut your peach into quarters. Chop butter lettuce and radicchio. Chop dill. Pit & chop dates.

4. Add 1 tbsp of ghee to a small frying pan and let heat up. 

5. Cut your Halloumi Cheese in small square pieces and fry in the Ghee until golden brown. 

Process for Sauce: 

6. Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. 

Time to Serve!

7. On a big plate arrange your ingredients in this order: butter lettuce, radicchio, peaches, halloumi cheese, asparagus, dates, and pitted dates.

8. Drizzle on your sauce and top with fresh dill. 




Diana Jarrar
Diana Jarrar


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